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Our advantages:

  • You do not need an accounting office at your enterprise, that is a great saving of supplies and place at your office.

  • Due to multiple cross-checking our experts exclude the probability of errors.

  • We do not get sick, do not go on vacation and do not get fired - it provides not only the filing of all documents on time, but it also maintains the safety and the privacy of your data.

  • We guarantee the high quality of our work - nothing better than a good partnership can guarantee the quality of the service.

  • Regulatory authorities address their issues only to us - a clear understanding of all processes of the enterprise, both internal and external, allows us to respond to any questions in their jurisdiction.

Reasons to contact us:

International audit the need of reporting, and/or the desire of the owner of a foreign company to obtain information on his enterprise in the format of international accounting standards, grants, financing of investment projects.

Preparing for a tax audit a complete and thorough review of all documents of the enterprise, starting with the initial documentation and its correspondence to the inspection requirements, and finishing with the contractual data and conditions of its execution.

Validation of accounting an unbiased and efficient solution for the owner or chief accountant, who wants to check the areas of bookkeeping beyond his skills because of professional or organizational reasons.

Dismissal of Chief accountant it is easy to lose control in such situation, but we can help you: we provide the full restoration of documents, quick establishing of good relations with contractors and inspectors, finding a new man, help during the "cool start", and finally we check the quality of accounting in prior periods and search for evidence.

Monitoring a permanent and continuous control over every step of your financial and other financially accountable personnel in order to avoid the appearance of situations when it is too late to change anything and the company may suffer irreparable loss or get into the field of view of inspection structures.